Mark Hamill Latest to Be Honored On Hollywood Walk of Fame

On March 8th, Mark Hamill will finally be honored with a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, California, according to Variety.

Mark Hamill on The Walk of Fame

Mark Hamill Walk of Fame

A more appropriate date for the ceremony would have been May 4th, the unofficial “Star Wars Day” celebrated around the world. However, Hamill’s star is long-overdue. [easy-tweet tweet=”A more appropriate date for the ceremony would have been May 4th, the unofficial “Star Wars Day” celebrated around the world. However, Hamill’s star is long-overdue.” user=”Jenisaur”]Ceremony emcees include George Lucas, Harrison Ford, and Leron Gubler. The latter is president and CEO of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

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In a statement on behalf of the Walk of Fame Ceremonies, producer Ana Martinez specifically mentioned fans of Hamill’s work on Star Wars. She also recognized his entire body of work. “We are proud to add this extraordinary actor on our historic Walk of Fame”.

Internet Dad: Mark Hamill’s Social Media

Hamill has a special relationship with his fans online. He teases followers with ‘spoilers’ leading up to major releases–only some of which turn out to be relevant. He also entertains fan theories about things like casting a young Luke Skywalker. When photos of Hamill were compared to those of actor Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes), the two acknowledged an eerie similarity. Since then, they have joked with each other online and in interviews about their faux father-son relationship.Mark Hamill Walk of Fame

When Hamill’s star was announced this Wednesday, he and fellow actor William Shatner exchanged a few words via Twitter about the upcoming ceremony.

Hamill has also been vocal regarding both his political views, and those of the Star Wars universe.

Hamill’s Legacy So Far

Mark Hamill is a California native, born in Oakland. He studied Theatre Arts at Los Angeles City College before appearing in several TV series. Lucas’ Star Wars was his first feature film. In recent years, Hamill has made cameos in several films and recurring roles in television shows. He revised his role as Luke Skywalker in both 2015’s The Force Awakens and 2017’s The Last Jedi.Mark Hamill Joker

In addition to his work as a screen actor, Hamill’s resume includes his popular voice work as the Joker in multiple Batman properties. He also performed for Nickelodeon’s animated series The Last Airbender and Cartoon Network’s The Regular Show, among other voice acting roles.

The unveiling ceremony for Hamill’s star will take place at 11:30 am on March 8th in front of the El Capitan Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.

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