Rumour: (Spoiler) Will Have A Cameo In ‘Logan’

According to The Wrap Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has shot a scene as the merc with a mouth for Logan. This means that fans will get to see Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine share the big screen with Deadpool at least once.

The Wrap is reporting that an insider told them a scene featuring Deadpool will likely be used as an after credits scene in the final film. This could be to set up the Deadpool sequel, or perhaps even a future X-Force movie.

Deadpool in Logan

It’s not a massive surprise to hear that Reynolds will appear in Jackman’s final Wolverine movie. Both stars have shown great chemistry on social media and in interviews not to mention that there is an obvious demand from fans to see the pairing happen.

Logan will follow an older Wolverine and Professor X as they protect a young girl named Laura. The film is set in 2024 and as previously reported Mutant births are in decline, but it would make a lot of sense for Deadpool to appear since he is technically immortal.

UPDATE: Both director James Mangold and Ryan Reynolds have shot down this rumour claiming that The Wrap made up the report. Check out their tweets below:




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