Logan Vs. The Biggest Movies Released In March

Last Friday, Logan, the latest superhero movie released to great reviews and a strong box office showing. Over the weekend, the film about the metal-clawed mutant vacuumed up nearly 90 million dollars, shredding all other competition. Logan’s financial haul put it fourth all-time for (domestic) weekend opening in March. Logan’s release in March features some stiff competition in the form of some box office giants from cinema’s past. If Logan is going to slice and dice the March competition, it’s got an epic fight ahead.

How does Logan stack up against these
other big March movie releases?


Ten years ago Zack Snyder’s 300 premiered to an opening weekend take of 70+ million dollars. The CG-enhanced beefcakes of the Spartan army dazzled audiences in spectacular action sequences. If Snyder’s movies are nothing else, they are extremely easy on the eyes. So, say what you will about the plot or character development in 300, the movie is a visual feast. Snyder’s use of slow-motion, ramping, and precision staging provide one exciting action movie.



March 2016 was a busy month (you’ll see why soon enough). Disney’s Zootopia, the much-heralded computer animated film premiered on March 4th and sucked up 75 million dollars. A rare animated movie with many levels, Zootopia was a big hit for Disney, going on to become the second highest-grossing flick ever released in March. Plenty of sequels and spinoffs coming soon!

Oz The Great And Powerful


I have, to be honest here and say that I’m a little surprised by this. The Sam Raimi film was released only four years ago, opened to the tune of nearly 80 million, and grossed 234 million, but whoever talks about it. For such a commercial success, the mediocre Oz isn’t mentioned much. And while those numbers sound impressive, in today’s Hollywood, it’s peanuts considering the expensive cost of the production.



Hugh Jackman reprises his role as Wolverine, the gruff mutant with a heart of gold and claws of sharp, unbreakable metal for the “final time.” The gritty, violent action and story in the masterful final chapter of the character is wowing critics and audiences alike. After nine movies as Wolverine, Logan is the send off the character deserves. The film soared to a massive opening weekend and will likely land somewhere in the top five all-time March releases.

Alice In Wonderland


Tim Burton’s 2010 reboot of the classic Disney cartoon conquered the box office in March. The film opened with 116 million dollars, and though critics and audiences never really warmed to it, the flick finished with 334 million, making it the third largest March opening ever. A sequel in 2016 showed just how little impact the first Alice made when it fizzled at the box office. Alice Through The Looking Glass made nearly 100 million less in its opening weekend and 50 million overall.

The Hunger Games

march-hunger games-movie

Powered by the seemingly unstoppable Jennifer “JLaw” Lawrence, The Hunger Games earned 152 million in its first few days in theaters. It wasn’t the biggest opening weekend for a March release, but The Hunger Games is the biggest commercial success ever released this month. The Hunger Games franchise is dormant now after four movies and billions of dollars, but it remains as the all-time champ for box office blockbusters lead by a heroine.

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

The movie so many love to hate. BvS took in 165+ million during the weekend of March 25 of 2016. An impressive amount to be sure, but BvS slowed quickly due to word of mouth and perhaps even superhero fatigue. BvS made more than half of its total domestic gross in the opening weekend. The film ranks fourth in total grosses all-time for a March release. Zack Snyder, however, is without a doubt the King of March. Three of the director’s films are in the top 12 all-time March openings.

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