Lisa Jakub On Leaving Hollywood Behind

Retired actress Lisa Jakub stopped by to talk about her 18 year career in Hollywood and sudden retirement at 22. Jakub is most remembered for her roles in Mrs. Doubtfire and Independence Day. With all the fame and fortune something was missing, so she packed up everything and moved to Virginia. Now 15 years later her passion of writing has led her to release a memoir, You Look Like That Girl.

“I realized that there must be more to life than premieres and pretending to be other people. I suspected that there was something outside of movies that would feel more authentic to me. I left the film industry under the guise of following the man I loved to Virginia. Luckily, the man I loved really was in Virginia, so it all worked out and we lived happily ever after in our own version of a Hollywood ending,” said Jakub

Jakub’s memoir, You Look Like That Girl, is available now.


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Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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