Lewis Tan Discusses Talks With DC Films

Lewis Tan could be in contention for another comic book role.

The Into The Badlands actor reveals he’s been talking with DC Films.


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Recently, the actor took to Twitter, posting a pic of himself at the DC Office. Tan alludes to a “great meeting” with DC Entertainment. As he says, “My father started in this business with Tim Burton’s Batman, soon will be full circle.”

Tan’s comments are in reference to his father Philip Tan, who is an actor, director and stuntman. He did play one of Joker’s goons in the 1989 Batman movie.


Fans are speculating that Tan could be playing Nightwing in the DCEU. In a Comic Book Resource interview, the actor sets the record straight about his dealings with DC.

“I’m not trading in my Marvel roots, because they started me,” Tan says. “But DC started my dad, so it would be nice to go over there and play around and find the right thing. So we’re looking for the right thing and there were a lot of different talks and Nightwing was one of those that were mentioned, so we’ll see.”

Tan is known for his role in Iron Fist‘s first season. He also plays Shatterstar in Deadpool 2. While the latter was a cameo, it did showcase his comedic chops and a love for the superhero genre.

Later, Tan took to Twitter to clarify things with fans. “I met with DC but not specifically for that project,” he says. “I love Nightwing and if the chance came I would love to show what I would do with the character.”

To date, the DCEU is still dealing with The Batman. If they recast Ben Affleck, director Matt Reeves will go with a younger actor as Bruce Wayne. Tan is 31 years old, so it might feel odd to have a Batman and Dick Grayson close in age.

Nightwing: Rebirth

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