The Big Lebowski Themed Brewery Tour In Vanouver

If you happen to be an avid bowler, an enthusiast for White Russian cocktails, or a fan of the Coen Brother’s cult classic The Big Lebowski, then head on over to Vancouver Canada this march 26th for the first Big Lebowski Brewery and Bowling Tour. Vancouver Brewery Tours is hosting their first ever tour based entirely off the movie The Big Lebowski in which participants will bowl, drink, and even recreate the famous “Gutterballs” scene from the movie (which can be seen here). LebowskiFor those of you who have absolutely no idea what any of this means, The Big Lebowski is a movie that follows Jeffery “The Dude” Lebowski” (played by Jeff Bridges) through what might be the most dynamic plot in cinematic history. The movie itself has no real consistent plot and ultimately comes together in the form of a somewhat questionable yet highly quotable experience. However, what gives this movie significance is the fact that it has spawned an annual festival called Lebowski Fest, a national bowling tournament, and even a religion called “Dudeism” that currently has over 300,000 ordained “Dudeist Priest.” The reasoning behind the commotion stems from The Dude’s philosophy and most famous quote “Take it easy man.” This quote is the essence as the film because no matter what situation The Dude is in, he never looses his cool and takes whatever life throws at him. It seems as though Vancouver finally decided to get in on the action and now for one day, tourists and residents alike can simply “Take it easy man.”

Sam Casale
Sam Casale
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