Latest On The ‘IT’ Remake; Switching Studios, Moving Forward

A few days ago it was announced, disappointingly, that True Detective director Cary Fukunaga would be leaving the upcoming remake of Stephen King’s It. The news was a big blow to the remake, and many speculated if the movie would ever even happen. Well, the latest news is that It is moving away from New Line and back to Warner Bros.

The original move to New Line was rumored to be one of the reasons Fukunaga was disgruntled with the project. Other rumors cited “creative differences,” which typically means studios want to dictate a story against the director’s will. Now that the news has broken that the film will head back to Warner Bros. and the story is switching back to New York City, the studio will be on the search for a new director.

The news of Fukunaga leaving the project was a major disappointment for anyone looking forward to this remake. The teaming of the True Detective auteur and Stephen King’s seminal material seemed like a match made in heaven. When the project fell apart, even King himself weighed in on Twitter:


The original It was a network miniseries, which would never happen today. Tim Curry chilled me to the bone as Pennywise, but the second half of the film and the climax was clunky and cheesy, with the giant spider in the cave. A modern remake would serve the source material well.

What director do you think should helm the It remake?

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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