Lake Bell will write, direct, star in marriage comedy ‘What’s the Point?’

Lake Bell proved her talents didn’t lie squarely in front of the camera when she made her feature writing/directing debut In a World…., and it looks like the well-received 2013 Sundance hit won’t be the last time she hops into the director’s chair. Moving away from the world of voice acting, she’ll tell her own take on marriage with What’s the Point? (And Other Fair Questions About Marriage), an ensemble comedy she’ll write, direct and star in alongside Ed Helms.

Though details are relatively limited at the moment, The Playlist notes Bell’s newest film “investigates the concept that marriage should be a seven-year contract with an option to renew.” Insert several Rodney Dangerfield jokes here. In all seriousness, though, this sounds like a massively intriguing concept, one that could easily flourish from Bell’s observant, character-driven writing. While I felt her debut showed room for improvement, there was no denying the distinct voice and vision she brought to her first film. And I firmly believe she’ll only grow as a filmmaker with her next projects, including this one. There’s a lot of promise with this premise to make something truly unique, sweet and memorable, just as the best moments of In a World…. were.

Expect to see this one soon, as production begins next month with a Sundance 2017 debut more-than-likely. In the meantime, make a point to check out Man Up, a better-than-you’d-expect rom-com with Bell and Simon Pegg that came out last year, if you haven’t already. It’s on Netflix now, and it’s a nice little British comedy to watch with your significant other. I’m just saying. Meanwhile, Bell can also soon be heard in this summer’s The Secret Life of Pets, and seen in the crime drama Shot Caller, set for release sometime this year.

Will Ashton
Will Ashton
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