Kamala Khan Might Be Headed To The MCU

Marvel’s Chief Operating Officer, Joe Quesada, in an interview with CBR has revealed that fan favorite newcomer Kamala Khan (Who took over the Ms. Marvel mantle after Carol Danvers was promoted to Captain Marvel) could be headed into live action in one way or the other due to her popularity with fans. While rumors have persisted of her involvement into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this is the first time the possibility has been officially discussed.




“Our readers are the Johnny Appleseeds. They tell us something is resonating, something is hitting a core, and that’s something we should try to cultivate. Another great example of this: Ms. Marvel. If we had put this book out ten years ago, it probably would never have succeeded. Not only did we find the audience, but we had the right people on the book and we had the right editor on the book, the right creators on the book. And now we have a character that’s very recognizable — very, very quickly.” Said Quesada. On the character’s possible live action appearance, he said

“That doesn’t happen a lot. Who knows where Ms. Marvel’s going to end up. You can be sure that, somewhere down the road, she will be a part of the future of Marvel in other media”

Kamala Khan was an overnight success for Marvel when she was launched as Ms. Marvel in 2014. While Quesada’s comments are far from active development, it does suggest that Kamala Khan is on their radar and should be expected on the big or small screen in the near future.

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