Jared Leto To Do Some Serious Method Acting For ‘Warhol’

Jared Leto has signed on to play Andy Warhol in an upcoming biopic, so any other actor interested in this project, be ready to put up with some irritating method acting.

Terrence Winter, creator of Boardwalk Empire and screenwriter of Wolf of Wall Street, will write the script, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The story will be based on Victor Bockris’s book Warhol: The Biography.

Andy Warhol basically birthed pop culture in the 60s with his artwork that highlighted consumerism in America. He was a renaissance man most well known for his Campbell’s soup art and Marilyn Monroe portraits. The guy had a fascinating life, even beyond that silver shock of hair he had, and a biopic on his crazy life seems well overdue. Leto has the build and the look to capture Warhol, but how can anyone think about any film he’s going to do in the future without his corny method acting coming into play?

Leto will also produce along with Michael De Luca. There’s no other cast attached to the film yet, and no release date as of yet. It will probably be a while before we see it so Leto can get into character and order pallets of Campbell’s soup to send to his costars.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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