James Franco Directing Film About the Cult Classic ‘The Room.’ Perfection.

Tommy Wiseau’s The Room is one of the weirdest phenomena in cinema history. It’s a terrible movie, one of the very worst to ever stain celluloid, and yet it has traveled twelve years across the landscape of pop culture as a cult classic. It is watched at festivals, with audiences who laugh and cackle along with the awful dialogue, strange transitions, terrible editing, and the general awkwardness.

Who knows how cult films grow like The Room has, the definitive “so bad it’s good” theatrical experience. Now, thanks to the unflappable pop culture imprint, James Franco is set to direct The Disaster Artist, a film documenting the making of The Room. Franco will star alongside his brother, Dave, and Seth Rogen also discussing a starring role according to the report in The Hollywood Reporter. Because of course.

The Disaster Artist will focus primarily on Greg Sestero (Dave Franco), who co-starred with Wiseau (played by James), who genuinely thought he was making a quality film. There are elements of tragedy and comedy, so Franco could take the picture in a number of directions. The Disaster Artist is also the name of Tom Bissell’s book about the production of The Room.


Something about James Franco absolutely fits in a behind the scenes biopic about the making of one of the worst movies ever made. Franco is a wonderful actor at times, but he also seems to be intentionally bad at times, sometimes noticeably so. His weird acting somehow fits in with a film about The Room, and in an odd way he even resembles Wiseau.

Filming is moving fast, as Franco is set to begins shooting this December.


Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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