Indie Film Spotlight: ‘Fronteras’ Delves Into An Important Social Issue

The Story Of ‘Fronteras’ Feels More Relevant Than Ever!

While the 2016 Election brought up a lot of issues, one of the major talking points was the border situation of Mexico and America. Writer and director Andrew Dean¬†tackles the darkest parts of the border issues and makes viewers face the harsh realities. In ‘Fronteras‘, a Mexican Border Patrol agent has his morals challenged when a new task force arrives to contain a life threatening narcotic.

Recently, Andrew Dean and crew (Diego Cacho and Giancarlo Curzi) stopped by an Arizona radio station in support of ‘Fronteras‘. Check out the interview below:

The crew talked about their inspiration for the project. Producer Diego Cacho, a duel citizen to both countries, wanted to show this isn’t a black and white issue. “Not everyone is good, not everyone is bad. Not one side is right, one side is wrong. There’s always a grey area”, said Cacho. He went on to say how he felt this was important to tell this particular story as a learning experience.


Fronteras‘ is still funding, with production in Arizona starting this October. They are still looking to cast their lead role, as well. Director Andrew Dean mentioned needing someone who can speak both English and Spanish but doesn’t mind finding a “diamond in the rough”. Any actors out there…a career building part could be yours!

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EJ Moreno
EJ Moreno
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