‘In Bruges’ Director is Back With New Trailer for ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’

The red band trailer for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, the latest offering from Academy Award winning director, Martin McDonagh, was released today by Fox Searchlight. For fans of In Bruges, Seven Psycopaths and damn good writing in general, the trailer is a delight dripping in McDonagh’s trademark comedic profanity, via Birth Movies Death.

The movie follows Mildred Hayes, played by the formidable Frances McDormand, a mother on a mission who won’t rest until the police get to the bottom of her daughter’s murder. Martin McDonagh is a director who attaches himself to certain actors for consecutive projects and Three Billboards sees his reunion with Sam Rockwell among others, who stole the show in Seven Psycopaths. Colin Farrell is a notable absence from the ensemble, having headlined both McDonagh’s previous projects, but given the caliber of the remaining cast, we’ll let them off.

Readers familiar with McDonagh’s dark comic style will agree that Frances McDormand’s quick wit and precise delivery are a great fit for his writing, and we can’t wait to see what insanity lies in store for us in Ebbing, Missouri.


Starring alongside Frances McDormand are Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell, John Hawkes, Peter Dinklage, Zeljko Ivanek and rising star Lucas Hedges. Director Martin McDonagh is joined by longtime collaborators, the producers Graham Broadbent and Pete Czernin.

It is expected to hit theaters later this year. Start counting down now…

Emma Nicholson
Emma Nicholson
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