Image Comics Turns 25: Celebrating The Company’s 25 Best Titles (Part Five)

A five-part series in honor of the company's 25th anniversary

We’ve been celebrating Image Comics‘ 25th anniversary all this week by breaking down the company’s all-time best 25 series. With so much diversity in its catalog, Image truly has comics for everyone. Check them out for yourself! And leave some of your own favorites in the comments.

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 Alex + Ada

Alex + Ada is fifteen issues of one of the most romantic series you will find that will break your heart. It’s written by Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughan, drawn by Luna and it’s an absolute must-read. It’s a story about a boy and falling in love with an android girl. It explores the topics of love, how brutal it can be, and the many aspects of love in general. It deep dives into acceptance and hatred, through the robots and androids of this universe. There’s a lot here to dial into one paragraph but it’s beautiful, powerful, and it will tear your heart out. Alex + Ada, my introduction into a comic that will tear you to pieces but find yourself loving the experience.

Alex + Ada Image Comics


If ever a series that with any given issue will make you wonder, “what if?”, Lazarus is that kind of series. Writer Greg Rucka and artist Michael Lark create a dystopian world in which is ruled by a select group of families and they control everything. Each family has a Lazarus, think bodyguard and elite warrior, and starting with the family Caryle and their Lazarus, Forever, you learn more about this world. The scope widens as the series goes on but this is one series that changes on a dime and that makes it beautiful. I’m only giving you a hint of what this series is like but once you are in the world, you’ll be hooked. Amazing action, political mayhem, and an always changing universe, this is Lazarus and it is brilliant.

Lazarus Forever Image Comics

Blue Monday

To start out with, Blue Monday is a personal favorite of mine. Initially published by Oni Press and now published by Image, Blue Monday is a delightful series written and drawn by Chynna Clugston Flores. You get to know Bleu and her friends as they go through high school with all its trials and tribulations. It’s hilarious at many points but so sincere as Flores relates these characters to you as a reader. It has a great soundtrack too as you get notes throughout the comic as to what music correlates with the scene. Add in the gorgeous coloring in the new trades by Jordie Bellaire and it becomes that much more spectacular. All this and more awaits in the wonderful world of Blue Monday.

Blue Monday Image Comics

Strange Girl

One of the early Rick Remender series at Image, Strange Girl is one fascinating adventure. Bethany Black is one of those left behind at the end of days, but then she hears of a way to Heaven thanks to her demon pal Bloato. This way into Heaven sets up 18 issues of the ultimate road trip to escape the end of the world. Many ideas get explored in this series and keeping the reader constantly engaged. With artists such as Eric Nguyen, Jerome Opena, and Nick Stakal, amongst other fine artists, Strange Girl takes many surprising turns. This is one journey well worth taking, you won’t regret it.

Strange Girl Image Comics

Head Lopper

Writer and Artist Andrew MacLean unleashes the wonder of Norgal a.k.a. The Head Lopper on the universe in grand style. It’s classic high fantasy with a twist as it has a wicked sense of humor that makes this comic special. Put it like this, Norgal’s traveling companion is the head of Agatha Blue Witch, when a head is your companion, it can only get weirder from there. MacLean keeps it weird though and manages to keep you hooked with each issue. The art is fantastic throughout and as the story develops, you can’t help but adore this new realm of adventure. It’s high fantasy with a dash of wicked comedy, Head Lopper is a tale not to be missed.

Head Lopper Andrew MacLean Image Comics

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