Image Comics Turns 25: Celebrating The Company’s 25 Best Titles (Part Four)


We’re celebrating Image Comics’ 25th anniversary all this week by breaking down the company’s all-time best 25 series! With so much diversity in its catalog, Image truly has comics for everyone. Check them out for yourself! Leave some of your own favorites in the comments, and come back tomorrow for our final part of this series and 5 more titles!

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5. The Strange Talent of Luther Strode

The Strange Talent of Luther Strode explores the ultimate power fantasy: a scrawny geek becomes a muscular, powerful superhero. However, things don’t go so well for Luther Strode, who finds that with great power comes a whole lot of trouble. Justin Jordan pens this tale, and it’s filled with quick wit and dark humor. Tradd Moore and Felipe Sobreiro create stellar art; Sobreiro’s colors, in particular, pop and create a glorious blood bath. It’s a funny tale that has a gruesome sense of hilarity and creative violence. Think of it sort of like the inverted tale of Peter Parker, if things went just a little different for him.