Image Comics Turns 25: Celebrating The Company’s 25 Best Titles (Part Three)

A five-part series in honor of the company's 25th anniversary.

We’re celebrating Image Comics‘ 25th anniversary all this week by breaking down the company’s all-time best 25 series. With so much diversity in its catalog, Image truly has comics for everyone. Check them out for yourself! Leave some of your own favorites in the comments, and come back to Monkeys Fighting Robots tomorrow for Part 4 and 5 more titles!

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Image Comics
There was a period when this comic was hailed as the greatest book being published. It had a gritty and intense concept with gorgeous art and a lot of intriguing characters. It was the type of adult material in comics that people needed in the ’90s. Sure, the series didn’t maintain the same level of success it once did but it still serves as a testament to what a creator-owned book can achieve.

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I Kill Giants

Image COmics
Sometimes you don’t have to be a long-running series to be truly memorable. Instead, all you have to do is tell and engaging and powerful story with just the right art to grab hold of your audience as they are reading. This is the case with I Kill Giants, a short but sweet series with a lot to offer to anyone who takes the time to pick it up.


Image Comics
Finding out your father is a hero and you are developing powers of your own is no easy task. Especially when your dad kills an entire team of heroes, leaves the planet, and you’re still not out of high school. This happens in the first graphic novel of this incredible series, which has been a monument to what superhero comics can be. This series can get a little intense and bloody sometimes so it’s not for the faint of heart.

The Maxx

Image Comics
Here’s a series which presents an interesting concept for the majority of its initial ride. Fans were presented with The Maxx, a homeless character in our world but mighty warrior in an alternate reality. This series was very psychological in the story it told, and looked at some very deep issues while at the same time keeping the audience dedicated to picking up each issue to see what would happen next.


Image Comics
A series which was artist Rob Liefeld’s answer to the X-Men. At one time, it was one of the the most sought after comics on the shelves. Sure the critics weren’t pleased with the story, and the series suffered thanks to production delays. Still, Liefeld and his work became a staple of what many comic fans remember about this era in comic publishing. Youngblood, encapsulating the ’90s all under one title.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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