‘I Love You, Daddy’ Trailer: Louis C.K. Uncomfortably Channels Woody Allen

I Love You, Daddy, Louis C.K.’s new film which he made in semi-secret but managed to get an all-star cast, seems problematic. It looks and sounds like a Woody Allen film, it looks and sounds like Woody Allen’s personal life, and the subject matter sure does feel awkward given the current climate.

See for yourself:


There isn’t any “official” synopsis out there, but you get the gist, no? If not, here’s what The Playlist had to say about it:

Yet, the film follows C.K. as a rich TV writer Glen and Chloe Grace Moretz as his 17 year old daughter China who comes to live with him during her senior year of high school. While Glen and China go on a trip to the Hamptons, they encounter revered film director Leslie (John Malkovich), who has a legacy for seducing minors (making the parallels to both Woody Allen and Roman Polanski quite obvious). You can guess what happens between China and Leslie.

I’m not one to be offended easily, and I love Louis C.K. and his brilliant standup and TV shows, but wow does this feel like the wrong time to release this movie. Of course, Louis didn’t realize the whole Weinstein thing was around the corner, but he’s also sort of thumbing his nose at his own rumored transgressions.

Anyway, I Love You, Daddy will open November 17.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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