Warner Bros. Announces Home Video Release Of ‘Lights Out’

‘Lights Out’ Will Be Released To Digital Retailers On October 11th, Blu-Ray On October 25th!

Looks like October will be a bit scarier with the release of ‘Lights Out‘! With over $100 million world-wide for its theatrical release, I expect home video sales to perform just as well. Looks like the feature film debut of director¬†David F. Sandberg is a bonafide hit. Also, James Wan attaching his name to the film didn’t hurt either.

While this was a massive hit with critics and audience, I felt bored by its repeated jump scared. I felt the film became ineffective until that shock ending! That’s when I could see the darkness the movie truly was hinting at. Thankfully, seeing this in your home will add another level of creepiness to this as well.

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Lights Out‘ stars Teresa Palmer as Rebecca, Gabriel Bateman as Martin, Alexander DiPersia as Bret, and Maria Bello as Sophie.

The film will be released digitally on October 11th and home video on October 25th.

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