GOOD TIME Directors The Safdie Brothers Will Remake 48 HRS.

Josh and Benny Safdie, a.k.a. The Safdie Brothers, will follow up their breakout indie hit Good Time with a remake of the Walter Hill action/comedy classic, 48 Hrs.

Good Time, starring Robert Pattinson as a low-level crook trying desperately to get his mentally-challenged brother and partner in crime (played by Benny Safdie himself) out of prison, didn’t get the widest distribution this past August. But the film was a hit with most critics, and audiences have discovered it at home these past few weeks.

The word-of-mouth success of Good Time has made The Safdie Brothers hot commodities in Hollywood. They’ve been mulling over follow up projects for a few months, and now THR reports they will indeed helm this new 48 Hrs.


The original starred Nick Nolte as a racist cop and Eddie Murphy, in his first film role, as the convict helping Nolte find a killer. It was a smash hit in 1982, unofficially launching the buddy cop formula, and it had a less successful 1990 sequel, Another 48 Hrs.

Taken at face value, a remake of Hill’s classic should generate ample groans and eye rolls. But, now that The Safdie Brothers are in charge, there is more than a sliver of hope. First up for them, however, is Uncut Gems, a Martin Scorsese-produced crime drama starring Jonah Hill.

Stay tuned for updates.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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