Gal Gadot May Join Bradley Cooper for Thriller ‘Deeper’, But Don’t Get Too Excited

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Gal Gadot is in the earliest of early talks to join Bradley Cooper in Deeper, a new thriller about an astronaut hired to explore the depths of the ocean where all manner of hell presumably breaks loose.

Sounds like a solid premise, could be a good film, no? Don’t get your hopes up… Deeper is written by internet troll, generally terrible screenwriter, and the very definition of nepotism gone horrible wrong, Max Landis.

Oh, and David Goyer is producing with Landis, so there’s the slightest possibility he can steer this out of the ditch. Slightest.

Max Landis spends most of his days waxing idiotic online, inciting people from all over the map, spouting off terrible opinions on pop culture, and somehow managing to keep churning out painfully mediocre screenplays to movies nobody cares about anymore. News of his involvement with this story upends any excitement one might have with the prospect of a Bradley Cooper/Gal Gadot collaboration.

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Was that too harsh? Sorry not sorry.

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Gal Gadot May Join Bradley Cooper for Thriller 'Deeper', But Don't Get Too Excited 4


Gal Gadot May Join Bradley Cooper for Thriller 'Deeper', But Don't Get Too Excited 5

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Gal Gadot May Join Bradley Cooper for Thriller 'Deeper', But Don't Get Too Excited 6


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