Could Fox Be Rebooting Fantastic Four With A Spy Kids Tone?

Remember how the Fantastic Four aren’t joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe anytime soon?

It appears that Marvel’s First Family are getting yet another reboot, according to rumours.

As Rich Johnson of Bleeding Cool reports, Fox is not giving up on the franchise, and the plan is to go in the direction of Spy Kids. What’s more, the F4 themselves might take a backseat to the Richards’ offspring.


“It will concentrate on Franklin and Valeria, the children of Reed Richards and Susan Storm,” he says. “While still having the Thing and the Human Torch along for the ride.”

Fantastic Four Franklin Valeria Richards

The fact that Reed Richards and Sue Storm Richards appear to be absent sounds troubling. They make up half of the Fantastic Four, but to not have them there is a troubling decision. It would be like having the Justice League without Batman and Superman. Oh wait, such a JL did happen in 1997 with a poorly-made TV pilot. But I digress.

Seth Grahame-Smith is the writer on the Fantastic Four reboot. He’s also known for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Killer. Recently, he would have been directing The Flash before bowing out.

“Indeed, the whole movie will be kid-centric with a vibe far more reminiscent of The Incredibles.” Johnson says. “In an instant, this will totally separate the movie from the previous failed attempt. But also mean there’s no actual need for a reboot.”

This sounds very similar to the “Future Foundation’ of the comics. During the early 2010s, Reed Richards set up a think tank for young geniuses, and Franklin and Valeria were a major part of the storyline. In fact, one of their classmates was Bentley 23, who is a clone and son of the FF foe, The Wizard.

Fantastic Four Franklin Valeria Richards

The fact remains that Fantastic Four aren’t supposed to be grim and brooding. Sure, there are serious moments from the comics like Ben’s depression or Reed’s guilt. Let us not forget Doctor Doom’s backstory. Also, in the 1980s, Sue took on the role of super villain Malice, whom she would briefly become in the 2010s. Yet these elements capture the drama of the characters. If given a good writer, the Fantastic Four movie could have a tone akin to The Avengers.

While a lighter tone isn’t a bad thing, the child-centric focus might not appeal to longtime comic fans. Having Franklin and Valeria at the forefront could be too similar to Spy Kids. We’ve seen the formula of young kids trying to save their families and world before. Plus, it might alienate Fantastic Four fans. Relegating the F4 to the sidelines would be a risk.

What do you think about this new direction? Should Fox go with a more kid-friendly approach? Keep in mind, the same thing did happen to the Batman film franchise in the 1990s….

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