Film Clip: See Matthew McConaughey and Ken Wantanabe Lost in Gus Van Sant’s ‘The Sea of Trees’

The first film clip from Gus Van Sant’s upcoming drama The Sea of Trees has been released ahead of its Cannes premiere. While I am never too keen on seeing film clips over trailers, this film has intrigued me from its announcement. The clip doesn’t give anything away, it simply shows us the two main characters in what must be one of their first encounters.

Here is the Sea of Trees clip:

As you can see, nothing is given away, which is good. The Sea of Trees tells the story of Arthur Brennan (McConaughey), a severely depressed man who travels into the mysterious Sea of Trees near Mt. Fuji in Japan to kill himself. He meets Takumi Nakamura (Wantanabe), who has lost his way, and the two men forge a relationship as they try and get Nakamura to safety.

McConaughey looks to be continuing his powerhouse acting roles here. He and Wantanabe make an interesting pairing, and given that Van Sant is at the helm, expect many moments of introspection and existential conversation. It has been recently announced that Roadside Attractions has picked up the rights to the film ahead of its Cannes competition.

Aside from McConaughey and Wantanabe, The Sea of Trees stars Naomi Watts as McConaughey’s wife. There is no release date yet for The Sea of Trees, but one should be announced shortly after Cannes.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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