Fantastic Four Fan Casting

Well guys, the rumor mill was going at full capacity today; a report came out stating that in exchange for Fox being allowed to use the X-Men for a television show, Marvel would be allowed to gain the rights back for the Fantastic Four. A Fantastic Four movie was said to come out in 2020, and it seemed that we would have the first Marvel family back where they belong.

Unfortunately both Fox and Marvel have come out with statements saying that this rumor is in fact bunk.


However, since this is on everyone’s mind, it would still be fun to talk about a potential MCU Fantastic Four film. The source material is definitely ripe for a big budgeted CGI extravaganza, and who doesn’t want to see the Fantastic Four take on Galactus and Doctor Doom with the Avengers? It would definitely be a lot of fun.

Now, before we get started, let me emphasize that this is my personal fan casting, it might be different from yours, and if so, that’s awesome. Let us know in the comments below about who you would want to see in a possible MCU Fantastic Four movie. My ideal Fantastic Four are older and have had their powers for a little while now. (No Fox millennial babies in my dream movie that’ll never be made.) And on top of that, the emphasis for this specific Fantastic Four would be more about exploring, and adventuring in different worlds. Which is what I’ve always found most interesting about the Fantastic Four.

So without further adieu, I present to you my fan casting for Fantastic Four.

Mr. Fantastic-Alexis Denisof

Mr. Fantastic, the incredible, stretchable super intelligent scientist, adventurer needs an actor who can bring that high level of intelligence and a similar level of obliviousness to the character. Denisof has played a variety of fun characters from different properties, most notable was the charming yet naïve Wesley Wyndam-Pryce from Buffy and Angel. He brings a wit and charm to his roles, but can also find the right balance in the characters to give them a more emotional complexity. And given Denisof’s past work with other superhero properties, and geek culture, it’s easy to see why he would be a great choice for Mr. Fantastic.

The Invisible Woman-Anna Gunn

For those of you who don’t recognize her name, she played Skylar in the fantastic Breaking Bad. Now I, like a few people, felt that the character Skylar was not always written the best. Some people had stronger feelings about her as a character, but she was  viewed as a weak point for the show. However, I feel that Anna Gunn did a fantastic job as the wife of an egotistical genius scientist, and I think she can do it again. Only this time, she would have super powers to make her a formidable opponent. Being married to Reed Richards would need some mental fortitude and patience and she displayed both of those traits in Breaking Bad, but she also gave an emotionally complex performance to make Skylar memorable. Sue Storm needs a strong actor, and Gunn has what it takes.

The Human Torch-Ryan Phillippe

While it seems that those Iron Fist rumors are dead and gone, Ryan Phillippe certainly could come into the MCU as another character. And given that he played a smooth talking, womanizer in Cruel Intentions it could be easy to see him again as another smooth talking, womanizer. Johnny Storm certainly has that personality in the comics and Ryan Phillippe probably could enunciate that aspect in his performance. But, on top of that, Phillippe has the build and the acting chops to pull off a decent performance, and it would be fun to see him back on the silver screen again.

The Thing-Dean Norris

Okay, I promise this is the last Breaking Bad actor to be mentioned here, but Dean Norris was born to play Ben Grimm. The grizzled attitude, gruff voice, the physical build, and the fact that Dean Norris played Hank who became one of the most intriguing characters of the show. The Thing has to deal with the difficulties of being a giant rock monster, but he also has the ability to still be funny, and comical. One of the problems with Michael Chiklis was that he focused more on the emotional difficulty of being a rock monster, and not humorous aspect. Dean Norris can balance out an emotional trauma and hide it with humor. Plus, he’s surprisingly physical, and was able to believably kick some serious ass in Breaking Bad.


That’s right folks, not only do you get the Fantastic Four, but you get three other Fantastic Four based characters that are also owned by Fox.

Galactus-Keith David

Since, Galactus will most likely be CGI (and hopefully not a cloud) it doesn’t really make sense to look for someone with a proper build or look for Galactus. So instead, let’s focus on voice. Keith David has a bitching voice and could easily embody the planet eater himself. Even if you don’t know his name, you’ve definitely heard Keith David perform a few times. He has a weight, and gravitas to his voice that can be chilling to listen to, and it would be awesome to hear it coming out of a giant cosmic being.

Silver Surfer-Billy Crudup

Billy Crudup played Dr. Manhattan in the still controversial Watchmen adaptation. So, he’s used to voicing a CGI character. Plus his voice would work well for the Silver Surfer; he’s a trained musician, so he knows how to give a lot of range. And the Silver Surfer certainly fits the bill of cold, emotionless all-powerful beings that are trying to fit in a world that doesn’t understand them.

Doctor Doom-Christoph Waltz

If the Fantastic Four rights ever end up in the hands of the MCU, then the biggest thing achievement would be having Doctor Doom as a villain. Now, I have mentioned in the past about how the MCU is in desperate need for stronger villains. My main thesis was that most of the villains were not given the proper attention and usually killed off. This cannot happen with Doctor Doom, and to make sure of this, he needs a strong, memorable actor who can bring a powerhouse of a performance. Enter Christoph Waltz, who’s played so many great bad guys, it’s hard to keep track. I have a hard time imagining anyone else who could bring such a great performance and make such a great villain. And if Waltz is going to play a super villain, it has to be Doctor Doom. He can be menacing, play a person with a massive ego, and hog the limelight in the best way possible. He is the doom we deserve.

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Nick Enquist
Nick Enquist
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