Everything is a Holly Jolly Disaster in Netflix’s EL CAMINO CHRISTMAS Trailer

There’s always a place for pitch black, foul-mouthed Christmas comedies on the calendar; enter El Camino Christmas, director David E. Talbert’s crass Yuletide comedy. The cast is, well, eclectic, and even though Tim Allen pops up in the first few seconds just give it a minute. He might be the best part.

Check it out:

Here’s a little plot info from Deadline:

The story follows a young man (Grimes) who seeks out a father he has never met and, through no fault of his own, ends up barricaded in a liquor store with five other people on Christmas Eve. The story takes place in the fictitious town of El Camino, NV. It was scripted by Melfi with Chris Wehner.

The Grimes in this description is Luke Grimes. Joining him in this madness is Vincent D’Onofrio, Jessica Alba, Dax Shepard, the aforementioned Tim Allen cutting loose, and the great Kurtwood Smith.

It’s an unusual assemblage, but there’s some funny shenanigans in this trailer. El Camino Christmas is Talbert’s follow up to last year’s Almost Christmas. The guy must have a specific niche.

It debuts on Netflix December 8; if you need a couple of hours away from the family it might be worth a look.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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