Lady Gaga Switches Her Name & Goes Country For ‘A Star Is Born’ Remake

Everything You Need To Know About Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga’s ‘A Star Is Born’ Remake

Don’t call her Gaga! The singer & actress is ditching the name that made her famous for her upcoming ‘A Star Is Born‘ remake. Warner Bros announced in a press release that Lady Gaga will be going by her birth name, Stefani Germanotta, for the project.

With the film attempting to not only appeal to audiences but award voters, it’s a polarizing move. The name Lady Gaga brings a certain level of artistic merit to the film. ‘A Star Is Born‘ could use her credibility to help promote it. But many actors have switched from stage names to real names for films. Dwayne Johnson dropped “The Rock” from his name when he moved from wrestling onto Hollywood roles; finding great success. So the same can happen for Gaga/Germanotta, who already has a Golden Globe for acting.

That’s not the only news to come from the film’s press release. The official plot has been announced and it continues the themes introduced in the three films before it. Bradley Cooper will play Jackson Maine, an alcoholic country singer with a failing career. He soon discovers the unknown but talented Ally, played by Germanotta, and they begin a passionate love affair. He soon pushes her to fame but can’t deal with the fact she is starting to become a bigger star than him.


Star Is Born

‘A Star Is Born’ Invades Coachella 2017

After the press release, the next big update for ‘A Star Is Born‘ came from Coachella. The music festival was used by director Bradley Cooper to film major scenes. Production even used fans for a performance. Germanotta’s Ally performed one of the original songs written for the film, which is said to be called “Diggin’ My Grave”. It’s described as sounding like a Fleetwood Mac song and leaning more to a country/rock vibe. Lady Gaga recently dipped into country on her most recent album ‘Joanne‘ so the singer can use that experience when tackling the songs. The singer is writing all the songs for the film.

The scenes shot at Coachella are said to be very emotional. One scene is the timid Ally trying to work up confidence to perform in front of such a large crowd. Lady Gaga was said to be very strong in-between takes but immersed herself when camera’s rolled. Another scene is with Bradley Cooper’s Jackson Maine as he drunkenly introduces Ally to the crowd before her encore performance. It’s said his character is visibly bothered how the fans took to Ally. This feels like a callback to Barbra Streisand’s 1976 version. People in the audience have said this performance felt magical and played to both actor’s strengths.

The film is set for a September 28th, 2018 release. It’s coming out against very little competition so it can easily score number one at the box office. But the real question is can it reach the acclaim of recent musicals like ‘La La Land‘.

Only time will tell how Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut will turn out. Let me know what you think about the upcoming ‘A Star Is Born‘ remake.

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