Every Easter Egg & Reference From “Mad Max: Fury Road”

Mr. Sunday Movies goes through every Easter egg and reference from Mad Max: Fury Road. Did you catch them all?

Minimalist in characterization and dialogue, over-the-top and bombastic in direction and action choreography, Mad Max: Fury Road is exactly the sort of masterfully schizophrenic film making that fans of George Miller’s original trilogy of “Mad Max” films would and should expect in a new entry in the iconic series. Unlike so many sequels that take too long to produce and thus arrive far too late to add anything of value to the series, Fury Road takes advantage of modern film making techniques to ratchet the intensity up an insane notch while retaining the tone and spirit of the original films. There’s no mistaking that what we’re seeing is the same dystopian world and the same “Mad Max” Rockatansky that Miller introduced us to decades ago.

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Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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