Don’t Hold Your Breath For That MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Sequel

Ever since May of 2015 (which seems like two decades ago), when Mad Max: Fury Road took the Movie Nerd Kingdom by storm, fans of George Miller’s triumphant return have been clamoring for a Mad Max: Fury Road sequel. Which makes complete sense.

Since 2015, rumors have bounced to and fro online, rumors of two sequels, and plot outlines, and the potential cast, but nothing has gotten beyond a single news cycle. If any franchise is both deserving of a follow up, and practically printing money at the mere mention of its existence, it would be the continuing adventures of Max and Furiosa.

Turns out, George Miller and Warner Bros. are in a bit of a legal battle, which is holding up this cash cow. Here’s a breakdown of the entire case courtesy of The Playlist:

“According to Kennedy Miller Mitchell, if the the final net cost of Fury Road didn’t exceed $157 million, they would receive a $7 million bonus. Even more, if Warner Bros. decided to co-finance the picture, Kennedy Miller Mitchell would be given the first opportunity to participate. However, Kennedy Miller Mitchell claims that Warner Bros. made decisions that caused Fury Road to go over budget, and even more, entered a co-financing deal with Brett Ratner’s RatPac Entertainmentwithout reaching out to Miller’s company first.”


Kind of awkward seeing Ratner’s name and production company in here. This is typical he-said, she-said business, but if I were a betting man I would imagine the studio interfered and delayed things etc. Because that’s what suits like to do, they like to meddle.

Sounds like a bit of a mess, but one that Miller and Warner Bros. (i.e., Warner Bros.) will come to their senses and work this out. But don’t mark anything down on your calendar when it comes to the Mad Max: Fury Road sequel.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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