Documentary, Foreign Film, and Shorts Oscar Predictions for the 89th Academy Awards

This is Part Five of the Monkey Fighting Robots’ Oscar Predictions for the 89th Academy Awards: Best Documentary, Foreign Language Film, Documentary Short, Live Action Short, and Animated Short. My prediction system uses 25 years of data from awards and critics to try predict who the likely winners will be. Come Sunday, we’ll see how well it works. Make sure to check back after the Oscars to see if you beat the system!

O.J. Made in America

Best Documentary: O.J.: Made in America

It has won every single predictive award, in a category that rarely agrees on when a film even counts for consideration. This is a shoe-in.

The Salesman

Best Foreign Language Film: The Salesman

The system basically crapped out on this one, since only one of the predictive awards picked any of the current nominees: the National Board of Review went for the The Salesman. More importantly, the director, Asghar Farhadi, is skipping the Oscars in protest of the travel ban issued by President Trump. The Academy may not be able to pass up the chance to hand Farhadi the win.

White Helmets

Best Documentary Short: White Helmets

The next three categories don’t have enough predictive awards to actually run through the system, so these are just coming off the cuff. White Helmets seems the most likely, considering it has had the most exposure and has already been picked up for a full feature adaptation.

Ennemis Interieurs

Best Live Action Short: Ennemis Interieurs

This is an intimate look at France dealing with its colonial past by zooming in on a French-Algerian man during an interview in a police station. If that doesn’t say Oscar, I don’t know what does.


Best Animated Short: Piper

Pixar hasn’t won this category since 2001, so it has been a long time coming. Piper is gorgeously animated, and follows such a cute little story, it feels impossible to dislike.


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Eric Morales
Eric Morales
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