Director Marc Webb Is Proud Of His ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Films

Collider recently spoke to director Marc Webb, and included in the interview was a question related to the controversial Amazing Spider-Man films. Webb is proud of the movies he made, and doesn’t agree with the criticism they get.

“It’s hard for me to think about it, in terms of regrets. There are so many things that I’m proud of. There was an ambition with the second movie, in particular. The idea that it’s a superhero that can’t save everybody is something that I’m really proud of. I’m really proud of the ambition of that because it’s an important message, and I believe in that. I believe in what we were after. They’re really, really difficult movies to make. They’re complex in ways that people don’t fully understand. They weren’t disasters. But in terms of regrets, I don’t think of it in those terms. I felt really, really fortunate to have that opportunity. That’s a whole other long, in-depth conversation that I probably shouldn’t have publicly. I loved everybody involved. I really did. I didn’t have an adversarial relationship with the studio, at all. There were a lot of very smart people. These are just incredibly complicated movies to make. I am proud of them, in many ways, and I stand by them. I’m certainly not a victim, in that situation.”

In many ways, I agree with the director. The Amazing Spider-Man is my favorite Spidey flick of all time, with TASM2 being my 3rd favorite. Andrew Garfield was an incredible lead, and the relationship between him and Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy was very well put together. The writing was shaky, but other aspects made up for that weakness.

How do you feel about The Amazing Spider-Man series? Was it as atrocious as the internet claims? Comment below, let us know!

The next Spider-Man movie takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is directed by Jon Watts. Tom Holland is portraying Peter Parker.

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters on July 7.

Aric Sweeny
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