Did Casey Affleck Just Reveal That Ben Affleck Won’t Be In ‘The Batman’?

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Casey Affleck made an appearance on the WEEIVideo Youtube Channel, talking to Dale & Holley with Keefe. With rumors surrounding his brother’s role within the DCEU now, the hosts asked Affleck if he had any inside information on Ben’s upcoming Batman role. While he seemed unsure, he did have some very interesting news that lead many fans to believe that Batman is getting recast within the DCEU. 

“I thought he was an OK Batman. No, I thought he was great. He was great. He’s a hero, so he had something to channel and work with there. But he’s not going to do that movie, I don’t think. Sorry to say. Is that breaking news? Because I was just kind of making that up, I don’t know.”

If you’re interested in watching the actor say it, skip to about 6:02 in the video below.

Do you think Ben is staying in the Batman role? Comment below, let us know your thoughts.

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  1. He may have been telling the truth and backtracking or may have been being honest when he said he made it up. Until there’s confirmation either way, let’s not read into it. It causes too much speculation.

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