David Ayer Still Directing Gotham City Sirens

Despite Mashable’s news that David Ayer may no longer be directing the Gotham City Sirens film, Ayer seems to be debunking that announcement in a great way:

Sirens may not have been part of the Warner Bros.’ Hall H panel at SDCC, but with Margo Robbie producing, it is still part of the DCEU schedule. In fact, it might come out before Suicide Squad 2. Though the first Suicide Squad was generally hated by both fans and critics, Robbie’s take on Harley Quinn was a hit. Robbie is so enthusiastic for the character that the entire project came together because she offered to produce a Harley Quinn film, which transformed into Sirens.


Hopefully, Gotham City Sirens will have less studio interference than Suicide Squad suffered from. Warner Bros. seems to be investing a lot in Harley, with not only Sirens in development, but also Suicide Squad 2 and Harley Quinn V Joker.

With the success of Wonder Woman and fan love for Harley Quinn, the DCEU might be led by female characters—which would be awesome.

Roman Colombo
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