Could Universal’s New Version of ‘The Mummy’ Swap Genders?

Universal Studios are still working on building their interconnected monster universe, rebooting their famous collection of horror icons into new versions. Despite my own reservations about the (UMU?), there is still hope to make this something interesting.

The first film in this new universe is The Mummy, and it seems now that the gender identity of the mummy itself depends on the casting. The Hollywood Reporter has the report that director Alex Kurtzman and screenwriter Jon Spaihts have a couple of storylines working. In one of the stories the mummy is male, and in one female. It all depends on who excels in the casting.

This is an interesting idea, one that might help the diversity of the Universal Monster Universe in a progressive society Hollywood intent on creating more diversity. It’s a novel idea, switching genders in some iconic intellectual properties, and I don’t see an issue here. What I have issue with is the general notion of recreating these legendary icons of horror cinema in an attempt to tie them all together. It could work, and it worked in the originals as The Wolf Man, Dracula, and Frankenstein often crossed paths. I’m just not excited about the brain trust of Kurtzman and Fast and Furious writer Chris Morgan behind the project. They feel like ill-fitting parts.


Hopefully I’m wrong. I’m holding out hope. Let’s all hope this new version is closer to the 1932 version, and it doesn’t remind us one bit about Brendan Fraser.

What do you think about the idea of The Mummy being a female?

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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