Chris Hardwick Brings The Future Of Horror With ‘The Hive’

Chris Hardwick and David Yarovesky stopped by to talk about their horror film presented by Nerdist, The Hive. This feature film will be in theaters on September 14th for one night only (tickets).

Hardwick talked about why Nerdist picked The Hive as their first film to distribute and the future of ‘Nerdist Presents.’ Yarovesky gave us an inside look at what elements make up a good horror film and what it felt like to have James Gunn endorse his work.

Listen to the complete Chris Hardwick and David Yarovesky interview.

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About The Hive:
Directed by Yarovesky and produced by Cary Granat, The Hive is a fun, disgusting terror of a love story involving a virus that manifests itself as eye-bulging goo. After a mysterious plane crashes in the woods, couple Adam (Gabriel Basso) and Katie (Kathryn Prescott) investigate only to find a disease that quickly goes pandemic. They must fight through amnesia and disturbing memories to find out what happened and survive.

“Yarvo has managed to tell a horror story in a fantastic new way that is super creepy and intimate, yet ultimately unfolds into a much larger movie. I’m so excited that we could help bring to the world! I just want people to be able to see it ASAP,” said Hardwick.

Yarovesky has been described by Film Threat as “A filmmaker to watch.” At only 35 years old he has over 40 music video, 10 commercials, 3 short films, and a feature film under his belt.

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