Check Out The Trailer for Netflix’s Blood-Soaked Horror Comedy, ‘The Babysitter’

The Babysitter is not really a spoof, not a direct parody, but it’s something in between. And, judging by this first trailer, it definitely didn’t skimp on the ol’ blood budget.

The trailer is funny, violent, NSFW, and then there’s one little negative element that gave me pause: Directed by McG. We’ll see how McHack can do in the realm of horror comedy. Check out the trailer and see for yourself:


It’s a funny bit that the hot babysitter is in a religious cult. And they do human sacrifice but “in America with hot people” so it’s different.

The Babysitter looks like a cut above the Scary Movie franchise, but somewhere below the Scream films. It stars a relatively unknown cast outside of Bella Thorne’s inclusion. This could be fun, but it also could be an endurance test given the fact McG is at the helm. It will drop on Netflix October 13.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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