Bryan Cranston, Kevin Hart Finally Team Up for ‘The Intouchables’

After multitudes of moviegoers spend years begging, stomping and pleading for Hollywood to unite Bryan Cranston — Emmy and Tony-winning actor behind Breaking Bad and Broadway’s All the Way — and Kevin Hart — the MTV Movie Award and Kids’ Choice Award-winning actor behind the Think Like a Man and Ride Along films — together at last, their prayers will finally be answered. The equally-renowned actors have agreed to finally lend their talents beside one another for The Intouchables, the long-promised American remake of the French comedy smash. Ring the bell. Sing to the mountains. Fetch the finest goose. This is a glorious day upon us.

Deadline announces this most joyous news. The upcoming film, a never-ceasing quest for our brave producer Harvey Weinstein, has been kicking around for nearly half a decade. The original, a crowdpleaser that grossed $416 million worldwide and launched the career of star Omar Sy, is a tale of charming characters and keen social insight. It tells the story of a prickly quadriplegic aristocrat who forms an unlikely bond between his poverty-stricken, street-wise caretaker. Surely, Hart will make sure such comedic restraint will be retained in this new take.

And speaking of restraint, Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, Ghostbusters 2016)— the filmmaker who hasn’t made a comedy under two hours since 2006 — is still attached to write the remake, but still isn’t on board to direct at this time. Tom Shadyac (Bruce Almighty, The Nutty Professor) also once flirted with the project before he, too, backed away. And now it remains a mystery as to who’ll take over the reigns, likely because every director in Hollywood is too scared they’ll mess up such a beautiful, sensible pairing as these two lead actors. But fear not, for talks are reportedly underway at the moment, and the announcement for who’ll fill this sacred chair is expected to be imminent.


Hart will take on the role that won Sy a Cesar award, while Cranston will play the rich scrooge that finds his heart warmed by his new friend’s actions. And while Colin Firth was once attached to play the latter role, it’s evident he was just holding onto the part until Cranston could play wish-fulfillment by finally silencing the outcries of those many who’ve questioned why Heinsberg hasn’t made a movie with the star of Get Hard. In the meantime, we’ll have to wait until this sure-to-be comedy phenomenon decides to grace us with its holy presence. What a time to be alive.  


Will Ashton
Will Ashton
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