Best Comic Book Single Issues Of 2019

With just a little over two weeks left in the year, we are rounding up our favorite comic book issues of 2019!

2019 was a great year for comics big and small, and narrowing our favorites down to those below was a near impossible task. These are simply our picks, but we want to know yours too, so be sure to comment and let us know what YOUR favorite covers of the year were!

Nominations were collected by publishers, creators, and the Monkeys Fighting Robots team, and were then voted on by the MFR team. Thank you to all the publishers and creators who contributed nominations; we can’t wait to see what new goodies you have coming in 2020!!

Honorable Mentions:

Undiscovered Country #1
Image Comics
Scott Snyder, Charles Soule, Guiseppe Camuncoli, Daniele Orlandini, Matt Wilson, CRANK!

best comic books of 2019 undiscovered country image comics

Undiscovered Country was one of 2019’s most anticipated books, and it sure delivered. It’s topical and exciting, with a top-tier team behind it.

As MFR critic Cody Walker put it, “Undiscovered Country is immediately poised for success.”

Little Bird #1
Image Comics
Darcy Van Poelgeest, Ian Bertram, Matt Hollingsworth, Aditya Bidikar

best comic books of 2019 little bird

One of the most visually striking books of 2019, Little Bird is like East of West meets Saga. MFR critic Darryll Robson called it a “must read.”

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6
Marvel Comics
Tom Taylor, Juann Cabal, Nolan Woodard, Federico Blee, Travis Lanham

best comic books of 2019 marvel comics friendly neighborhood spider-man

Tom Taylor ruined Spider-Man for me, because now I know how good his Spider-Man is, and no other writer will be able to compare. Every issue of Friendly Neighborhood was incredible, but this is the one that will go down in the annals of Webhead History.

The Walking Dead #193
Image Comics/Skybound
Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Cliff Rathburn, Rus Wooton

the waking dead 193 cover

One of the biggest comics of the last twenty years came to an end this year, and somehow managed to keep it a surprise. Congrats to Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, and the whole Walking Dead team. This was a beautiful sendoff.

Mary Shelley Monster Hunter #1
AfterShock Comics
Adam Glass, Olivia Cuartero-Briggs, Hayden Sherman, Sal Cipriano

best comic books of 2019 mary shelley monster hunter aftershock comics

I mean, it’s right there in the title: Mary Shelley. Monster hunter. With a premise like that, how could you go wrong?

Our Favorites From 2019 (in no particular order):

Goon #1
Albatross Funnybooks
Eric Powell, Rachael Cohen

best comic books of 2019 the goon albatross comics

The Goon is back in all his glory! Eric Powell brought back his signature book at his own publishing company, and this series hasn’t missed a beat. Everything you loved about classic Goon stories is here: it’s funny, it’s exciting, and Powell’s art is about the best you can find.

Lois Lane #1
DC Comics
Greg Rucka, Mike Perkins, Paul Mounts, Simon Bowland

best comic books of 2019 lois lane dc comics

A hard-boiled investigative journalism comic starring Lois Lane is EXACTLY what 2019 needed. If you’re looking for a smart, topical story, like All The President’s Men set in the DC Universe, this one’s for you.

Murder Falcon #8
Image Comics/Skybound
Daniel Warren Johnson, Mike Spicer, Rus Wooton

best comic books of 2019 murder falcon image comics

Murder Falcon was one of our most celebrated books on MFR this year, and issue #8 closed out the story in tremendous fashion. Daniel Warren Johnson is an absolute pro, and he embodies the concept of “metal” in comics.

Darryll Robson gave the series a 5/5, calling it “heart wrenching, demon fighting, metal inspired greatness.”

Black Hammer Age of Doom #12
Dark Horse Comics
Jeff Lemire, Dean Ormston, Dave Stewart, Todd Klein

best comic books of 2019 dark horse black hammer

The best superhero comic of the decade came to an end this yearBlack Hammer is a celebration of superhero comics, while also elevating the genre to new heights. And yea, Jeff Lemire is one of the best writers working today, but Dean Ormston’s art is chilling and packed with emotion.

Something Is Killing The Children #1
BOOM! Studios
James Tynion IV, Werther Dell’Edera, Miquel Muerto, AndWorld Design

best comic books of 2019 boom studios something is killing the children

BOOM! Studios had some major hits in 2019, and Something Is Killing The Children was one of our favorites. Cody Walker said the book is “full of intrigue and with plenty of blood and gore to satisfy any horror lover,” and he ain’t lying. This instantly became a must-read for horror fans, and much of that has to do with Werther Dell’Edera’s art and monster designs. Read it with the lights on!

Doomsday Clock #10
DC Comics
Geoff Johns, Gray Frank, Brad Anderson, Rob Leigh

best comic books of 2019 dc comics doomsday clock

Doomsday Clock was a series plagued with delays, but the fact that readers stuck around is a testament to how good it is. Issue #10 is where everything starts to click into place; Doctor Manhattan’s story is revealed, and it leaves you begging for more.

Especially more of Gary Frank’s art — his work has been worth the wait.

Faithless #1
BOOM! Studios
Brian Azzarello, Maria Llovet, Deron Bennett

best comic books of 2019 boom studios faithless

Another bit hit from BOOM! this year, “Faithless is an erotic love story with strong ties to centuries old stories. The artwork is seductive and beautiful and will entrap you just as the central character is entrapped. A must read, but definitely Not Safe For Work.”

House of X #2
Marvel Comics
Jonathan Hickman, Pepe Larraz, Marte Gracia, Clayton Cowles

best comic books of 2019 marvel comics house of x

We all knew Hickman’s X-Men was going to be a game-changer, but House of X #2 is the one that showed us just how big a game-changer it was. This is the “Moira issue” everyone at your local comic shop was talking about, and Pepe Larraz along with Marte Gracia supplied some of the best X-artwork we’ve seen in a long time.

The Plot #1
Vault Comics
Michael Moreci, Tim Daniel, Joshua Hixson, Jordan Boyd, Jim Campbell

best comic books of 2019 vault comics the plot

By now, you’ve probably heard the hype surrounding Vault Comics. 2019 belonged to Vault. The indie comics publisher extraordinaire just pumped out hit after hit after hit, but The Plot was the cream of the crop. If you like horror stories rooted in family drama, a la Locke & Key or The Haunting of Hill House, this series does it like no other.

Die #1
Image Comics
Kieron Gillen, Stephanie Hans, Clayton Cowles

best comic books of 2019 image comics die

And that brings us to Die! Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans’ Image series takes everything fans love about RPGs and the fantasy genre and dilutes it into a near-perfect comic. It’s gorgeous, it’s gut-wrenching, and it’s full of twists and turns that will make you scream… and that’s just this first issue!!

What were your favorite comic books from 2019? Let us know in the comments!

Anthony Composto - EIC
Anthony Composto - EIC
Editor-in-Chief for Monkeys Fighting Robots. A lifelong fan of Spider-Man and the Mets, Anthony loves an underdog story. He earned his B.A. in English because of his love for words, and his MBA because of his need for cash. He considers comics to be The Great American Art Form, and loves horror movies, indie dramas, action/thrillers, and everything in between.