Young Henrys Brewery: Newtowner Pale Ale – An Ace Review

I’m back with another review of an Australian brew. This time it’s Newtowner Pale Ale from Young Henrys in Newtown. Young Henrys’ website describes Newtowner as an Australian Pale Ale. Having never had an Australian pale ale before, I looked up how the Australian version compares to its Indian, American, and Canadian counterparts. From what I’ve read, Australian pale ales typically taste similar to American-style pale ales but are brewed with Australian hops.

According to Young Henrys’ website, starting up was a difficult process involving several rejected development applications and running out of stock during their first year of business. Luckily for me they seem to have dealt with those problems. So, without further ado let’s drink some amba’ fluid, cobba’!

Young Henrys: Newtowner Pale Ale – First Sip

Newtowner presents a classic golden colour with a thin layer of head as I pour it into a chilled half-pint glass. I enjoy Newtowner’s semi-sweet malt flavour, like an unripe pear, subtly undercut by its Australian hops. This brew’s fizzy mouthfeel promotes a bitter/tart aftertaste.

Young Henrys: Newtowner Pale Ale – Last Sip

I regret that I don’t have any more of these oddly-sized cans of unique-tasting beer. It may be the Australian hops. It may be the fact that the brewers use three different types of Australian hops. Either way, this beer is well-balanced.

As with IPAs, APAs, and CPAs, this “AusPA” is best with salty food. I recommend seafood of just about any kind. If you’re not a shellfish person, try a burger, fish & chips, or, if you’re a beer-with-breakfast type, bacon! But keep in mind, you may want to avoid drinking this beer in the morning (a good rule most of the time). As its 375-mL can awkwardly asserts, this 4.8% ABV brew counts as approximately 1.4 standard drinks. So, as a lifelong Smart Serve member I warn you, it’s more like drinking a pint than a bottle.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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