Naughty Neighbour American Pale Ale – Nickel Brook Brewing

As a Canadian writing beer reviews for an American website, I couldn’t resist reviewing Nickel Brook Brewing‘s Naughty Neighbour American Pale Ale. This brew’s name seems particularly apt when considering the political spectacle unveiling itself south of the 49th parallel.

Since I previously reviewed a beer for Nickel Brook, I won’t spend any time here talking about the brewery. You can read all about Nickel Brook’s humble beginnings in my review of their Cause & Effect Blonde Ale. I’ll devote the majority of this review to tasting this naughty brew.

Nickel Brook Brewing: Naughty Neighbour APA – First Sip

Naughty Neighbour pours a semi-opaque golden colour with a thin layer of head that sticks to the top of my glass. I smell lots of citrus as I pour this fragrant brew, and some pineapple as I take my first glug. Naughty Neighbour’s aroma complements its flavour nicely, although I’d like it to be more bitter. As it is, this brew has a sweet and piney flavour that fades to a dry, almost savoury, finish. Pairing well with its mid-range hops flavour, Naughty Neighbour has a thin mouthfeel that promotes taking big gulps.

Nickel Brook Brewing: Naughty Neighbour APA – Last Sip

Available in 473 mL tall cans, Naughty Neighbour is a good sessional ale. Its modest 4.9% ABV rating makes it a beer you can enjoy a few of without getting too naughty yourself. A word to the wise, though, make sure you keep track of how many you’ve had. With its smooth taste and relatively low carbonation level, you’ll be surprised just how many of these brews you can drink in one session.

Naughty Neighbour’s slightly bitter flavour makes me crave salty foods. I suggest pairing this well-balanced APA with fish & chips, salted nuts, dark chocolate, or any standard pub fare.

Although this isn’t a face-scrunching, jaw-clenching bitter, bitter APA, it’s a great one to try if you’re looking for a change from your usual lager.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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