Nickel Brook Brewing Co: Cause & Effect Blonde – An Effectual Review

Nickel Brook Brewing Company grew out of Better Bitters Brewing Company, a home-brewed venture of John and Peter Romano. The brothers started Better Bitters in the ’90s. But, as their website states, when John wanted to brew high-quality craft beer, Nickel Brook Brewing Company was born. Based in Burlington, Ontario, this micro-brewery has won awards in both Canada and the US. I was able to pick up a couple of these funky looking cans at my local liquor store, and although I’m not sure if their Cause & Effect blonde ale is a “miracle of science,” it’s definitely a tasty brew.

Nickel Brook Brewing Co: Cause & Effect – First Sip

Cause & Effect is a cloudy and pale yellow. It develops a thin layer of head as I pour it into my glass. I’m surprised by Cause & Effect’s taste: I generally expect blonde ales to taste pretty bland but this one is full of the dry hops taste I tend to expect when drinking an IPA. A noticeable honey-like malt tempers that bitterness, though. Cause & Effect’s relatively high carbonation level brings the hops flavour forward while also augmenting its mouthfeel. Rather than feeling watery like some other blonde ales, Cause & Effect manages an almost fuzzy mouthfeel that gives it a long and bitter finish.

Nickel Brook Brewing Co: Cause & Effect – Last Sip

This beer impressed me. Some other reviews I saw describe Cause & Effect as bland and boring but the balance between malt and hops is on point for this reviewer. In terms of food pairings, I suggest the typical pub fare: deep-fried food, burgers, pizza. The bitterness of the hops goes well with just about anything oily. Plus, because it’s not as hop forward as an IPA and there isn’t much of an aroma to miss, Cause & Effect is a good beer to have in or out of the can. That this beer is a somewhat low 4.7% ABV was a surprise. So, if you’re watching your waistline, give it a shot.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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