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Under intense scrutiny by the Temporal Authorities, I was coerced into actualizing my capsule in this causality loop. Through no fault of my own, I am marooned on this dangerous yet lovely level-four civilization. Stranded here, I have spent most of my time learning what I can of the social norms and oddities of the Terran species, including how to properly use the term "Hipster" and how to perform a "perfect pour." Under the assumed name of "Michael Bedford," I have completed BA's with specialized honours in both theatre studies and philosophy, and am currently saving up for enough galactic credits to buy a new--or suitably used--temporal contextualizer ... for a friend.

On Reading the 1st Year of Li’l Abner: Li’l Abner’s Villains

Whether Capp's pastiche is accurate or not is open to interpretation, but none can deny its charm or Capp's obvious devotion to his subject.

On Reading the 1st Year of Li’l Abner: Mammy and Pappy Yokum

In addition to being Abner's moral compass, Mammy is a force unto herself. In just one year publication, Mammy settles a fraud dispute, exposes graft in a local beauty contest — which she ends up winning herself — settles a multi-million-dollar adoption dispute, rescues her husband from being tortured, and cooks about a billion po'k chops.

On Reading the 1st Year of Al Capp’s Li’l Abner: Meet the Yokums

Li'l Abner may be gigantic, but he doesn't get violent often. His mammy taught him to use his head first and his fists as a last resort. Rest assured that if Abner has to "smack yo' 'round a bit," then yo' deserve it.

Meet the Yokums: Al Capp – On Reading the First Year of Li’l Abner

Although in the early years Capp used Li'l Abner as a means to lampoon stuffed-shirt conservatives, whether from the north or the south, as the character and Capp aged Li'l Abner developed a decidedly more conservative tone.

The Original DICK TRACY: The Birth of an Icon

Dick Tracy became a household name decades ago. For people born in the ’70s and ’80s, like me, it’s easy enough to associate the...

OUTLANDER S04E02: “Do No Harm” – Mob Rule

Still recovering from Stephen Bonnet’s betrayal in the fourth season premiere, “America the Beautiful,” the Frasers arrive at River Run, the plantation home of...

DOCTOR WHO: Story 282 “Demons of the Punjab” – Family, History, & Aliens

“Demons of the Punjab” aired on November 11th, and helped right the DOCTOR WHO ship after its dip in ratings following “The Tsuranga Conundrum.”...

DOCTOR WHO: Story 280 “Arachnids in the UK” – New Take on An Old Plot

On Sunday, DOCTOR WHO viewers saw more evidence of the preoccupation this series’ creative team appears to have with classic DOCTOR WHO fare. “Arachnids...

DOCTOR WHO: Reviewing Story 279 “Rosa” – American History 101

“Rosa” started as many DOCTOR WHO episodes have, The Doctor is unable to convince the TARDIS to go where it’s being told, and instead...

DOCTOR WHO: Reviewing “The Ghost Monument” – The Desolate Race

The Thirteenth Doctor proved her mettle in “The Ghost Monument.” In typical form, The Doctor uncovered the cause of a poisoned world’s demise, learned...

DOCTOR WHO Returns: A Companion’s Guide to 55 Years of DOCTOR WHO

October 7th, 2018 was a special day. In addition to being Thanksgiving Sunday in Canada and the day before Columbus Day in the States,...

STAR TREK: SHORT TREKS Airing for Canadian Viewers Tonight at 9 PM EDT

On October 4th at 9 PM EDT, Canadian fans of Star Trek: Discovery will get a between-season taste of the popular Star Trek prequel...