Nomad Brewing Company: Long Trip Saison – A Down Under Review

In the past, I’ve limited my beer reviews to Canadian and American brews, but after my globe-trotting sister came back from Australia with a bag full of beers, I couldn’t resist expanding my international beer-folio. So, today I’m reviewing Nomad Brewing Company‘s Long Trip Saison.

Nomad Brewing Company is the product of a creative partnership between Leonardo Di Vincenzo, Italian brewmaster, and Kerrie and Johnny Latta, owners of an Australian beverage distributor. Nomad Brewing Company’s motto is simple and iconic: “We are Nomad. Never settle.” The brewing nomads obviously took their motto to heart, having won a champion’s trophy at the 2016 Craft Beer Awards in Brisbane. But enough of history and talk of Australian beer reviewers. What does this Canadian think of Long Trip Saison?

Nomad Brewing Company: Long Trip Saison – First Sip

Long Trip pours a cloudy orange-yellow colour with a thin layer of foam at the top of my half pint glass. This brew has a noticeable floral aroma and a tart, smoky taste. Long Trip’s fizzy mouthfeel seems strange for a sour brew, but it doesn’t detract from this beer’s flavour. Long Trip finishes on a malty note that rounds out its sharp tart taste.

Nomad Brewing Company: Long Trip Saison – Last Sip

Because of its distinctly tart taste, Long Trip is a brew that it’s easy to drink a few of. Like the hop-forward flavour of an IPA, Long Trip’s sour flavour keep you wanting more every time you put it down. This tasty beer, though, packs a punch. At 6.6% ABV these 330 mL bottles are small but strong. I suggest pairing this unique brew with pub food. The oily and salty taste of french fries, or any other suitably deep-fried dish, will bring out this brew’s flavours. Deep-fried foods will also help deaden the relatively sharp taste of this brew.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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