Old Tomorrow Brewing’s Canadian Pale Ale Lives Up to Its Name

Sir John A. Macdonald
Sir John A. Macdonald was Canada’s first Prime Minister. He probably would’ve liked this beer a great deal.

Old Tomorrow – The History:

Old Tomorrow Brewing’s name is a nod to Canada’s history. “Old Tomorrow” is a nickname for Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, whose face graces each bottle and can of Old Tomorrow’s brews. Aside from being a nod to Canada’s history, choosing Sir John’s face as a brewery’s logo is a relatively cheeky idea since there’s some evidence that on top of being a statesman he was also a drinker. Old Tomorrow Brewing hasn’t been around long, just slightly more than a year, but the quality of their flagship beer, Canadian Pale Ale, proves that breweries don’t have to be old to make great beer.

Old Tomorrow – First Sip:

I’m surprised that a beer as amber as this is so smooth. Because it’s a take on my much beloved IPA, I expected a blast of bitterness when I took my first sip but was surprised to find that this beer’s most noticeable flavour is its sweet maltiness. Old Tomorrow Brewing’s Canadian Pale Ale, though it definitely has a bitter undercurrent, isn’t overpoweringly bitter like some IPA’s and APA’s. Instead, its bitter undercurrent helps provide the beer’s crispness, not relying on an overabundance of carbonation to do the job.

Old Tomorrow – Last Sip:

I must admit that Old Tomorrow Brewing’s Canadian Pale Ale made a serious impression: I’m even thinking of making it my regular-drinking beer. I generally find that beer drunk from a glass is better, and this beer is no exception. To truly appreciate the quality of Old Tomorrow Brewing’s Canadian Pale Ale, I suggest pouring it into a wide-mouthed glass. In a glass the beer’s foam will disperse the way it’s intended to rather than getting concentrated to the first sip or two, as happens when drinking from the can or bottle.

Other Comments:

Unfortunately, for those not lucky enough to live in Ontario, this review will be nothing but a tease. Sadly Old Tomorrow Brewing’s Canadian Pale Ale is only distributed in my home province, proving that the answer to the age-old question, “What’s so great about Ontario anyway?” is pretty obvious.


Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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