All Six Original Leprechaun Movies Ranked By How Drunk You Need To Be To Enjoy Them!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Monkeys Fighting Robots! As the day turns into night and the beers start piling up, what’s there to do next? More beer, that’s a given, but how about a movie from a series that borders on being racist while simultaneously being so ridiculous it’s funny. The Leprechaun movies aren’t great, but in a drunken stupor, they may be the greatest movies ever made.

The Original Six Leprechaun Movies
Ranked & Paired With A Delicious Beer


beer-leprechaun-movieLeprechaun In Space
Get your full-blown Irish on with this one! I’m all for low-budget, cheesy, b-movies, but Leprechaun In Space is not one of them. The fourth film in the franchise was nothing more than a shameless attempt at milking a franchise that, by this point, was bone dry. Not only does Warwick Davis look exhausted but his makeup looks ready to kill itself as they meander through a horrible script that’s coupled with robotic direction. Just plain awful, but so damn awful it might just be great after a few pints.

Beer Pairing
You need something strong here to get you through. At 13%, Barley Wine by Revolution Brewing Straight Jacket in Chicago, IL., will do the trick.


horror-film-saint patricks day

Leprechaun 2
You’ll want to down quite a few IPAs for this one. The original Leprechaun had an odd charm to it. The sequel didn’t know what to do with itself. Every moment seems haphazardly stitched together. If Rotten Tomatoes means anything to you, Leprechaun 2 (along with Parts 3 and 4) has the honor of a ZERO percent score. Leprechaun 2 limped along and was just enough to keep the franchise going.

Beer Pairing
Leprechaun 2 doesn’t require a lot of attention, so Belgian Quads by Gouden Carolus Cuvee Van de Keizer Blauw (Blue label) has a good flavor while getting you to just the right level of drunk for maximum enjoyment.


leprechaun-Saint Patrick's Day

Leprechaun 3
A big, drunken smile crawls across your face as you proclaim devotion to someone you barely know or understand. My personal favorite, Leprechaun 3 takes the series in a logical direction by heading to Vegas. What better place for a horror movie centered around a pot of gold than sin city where greed is a way of life. The series was already on life-support by this point, so director Brian Trenchard-Smith didn’t have much to work with, but Leprechaun 3 manages to be a fun, silly piece of horror comedy that even Warwick Davis calls his favorite.

Beer Pairing
You need a beer here that’s a little misunderstood, and nothing says that like Hard Cider from Angry Orchard The Old Fashioned.


saint patricks day-horror-movie

Leprechaun Back To The Hood
Pour one out for the homies who ain’t seen this movie. Yes, it’s utterly ridiculous. But the fourth installment of the franchise finally truly figured out the balance between a thin horror plot and absurdist humor. Leprechaun Back To The Hood holds little back en route to being an entertaining ride for those who aren’t easily offended.

Beer Pairing
There are “hoods” in every city but “the hood” is an American thing so pour yourself A LOT of American IPA from Prison City Pub & Brewery Mass Riot.



The original Leprechaun is a mixed bag that managed to make back a decent amount of its budget. Famous in many bar trivia contests, this is the debut film of Friends star Jennifer Aniston. The tone of the picture is a bit odd being gory horror one moment then silly comedy the next. However, that off-kilter combination would become the hallmark of the series.

Beer Pairing
Horror goes with Halloween just like pumpkins speak to the Fall season. Cigar City’s Pumpkin Beer here pairs great with the horror-comedy classic.


weed-leprechaun-hood-horrorLeprechaun In The Hood
If the Leprechaun series is one thing, it’s an exactly like a mindlessly brave drunk. Every one of the original six films shoots off in a random direction, like a drunk friend crying about an ex one minute then joyfully entertained by a game of darts the next. Leprechaun In The Hood dances on the edge of tasteless in the same way as Triumph the Insult Comic Dog except nowhere near as clever. However, the damn movie still works and if you’re hanging around this St. Patrick’s Day getting shit-faced with friends and want a flick to laugh with, look no further.

Beer Pairing
The perfect blend of this franchise’s bizarre mix of horror and comedy calls for Oktoberfest/Marzen.


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