Cat Wyatt

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Cat Wyatt is an avid comic book fan. She loves comics - possibly too much, and will happily talk your ear off about everything she's reading. Though picking a favorite is a bit harder. She reads a little bit of everything and is always open to trying a new series.

A Dramatic Transition in FAMILY TREE #5

Family Tree #5 is a dramatic issue, full of emotional tolls and sudden yet highly drastic changes.

The Plot Thickens in FIREFLY #15

Firefly #15 continues this surprising string of events, letting Sheriff Mal Reynolds deal with the dangers that come with patrolling his sector.

An Ending and A Beginning In DRAGON AGE: BLUE WRAITH #3

Dragon Age: Blue Wraith #3 is the dramatic and emotional conclusion to an enthralling series full of vendettas and lore.

The Past and the Present Collide in LUMBERJANES #72

Lumberjanes #72 reveals the depth of history for the campground; all while entertaining readers with personal moments.

An Insanely Entertaining Beginning In LUDOCRATS #1

Ludocrats #1 is the epitome of chaos-fueled entertainment, providing unique characters and a dynamic plot.

NEBULA #2: Turning Over A New Leaf

Nebula #2 portrays a very different character, all while giving fans a combination of elements we never knew we needed.

DECORUM #1 Begins A Tale of Assassins and Runners

Decorum #1 is a highly entertaining introduction to the most polite assassin you'll ever meet.

CRONE #5 Concludes a Tale of Vengeance and Forgiveness

Crone #5 is the powerful conclusion to Bliss' journey – a story that had been as full of blood as death and vengeance and loss.

Turmoil and Disturbances Begin in MERCY #1

Mercy #1 is a chilling beginning to a brand new series, as Lady Hellaine makes her presence known, with dramatic results.

The Cost of Power in STAR #2

Star #2 continues Ripley’s story, providing compelling reasons to care for the villainess fused with the Reality Stone.

Love and Fear in BATGIRL #44

Batgirl #44 forces emotions and fears to the forefront in a brutal display of honestly, and in doing so has advanced the plot by leaps and bounds.

A Humorous Take on Heroes and Villains in QUANTUM & WOODY #2

Quantum & Woody #2 is full of frenzied action and comical exclamations that are sure to entertain fans old and new.