Champions #6 is a bold and busy issue, with the Champions still reeling from the last arc. Yet there's no time for a break, as new plots and enemies are already being established. The art does a great job of capturing the wrongness of what is happening in the series.

No More Playing Nice in CHAMPIONS #6

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Marvel’s CHAMPIONS #6, available now, brings us back to our conflicted young heroes. They may have won the battle, but the war against Kamala’s Law is far from over. Written by Danny Lore, with art from Luciano Vecchio, Federico Blee, and VC’s Clayton Cowles, this is not an issue to miss.

Starting off Champions #6 with a fight!

It finally happened. Last issueThe Champions, against all odds, managed to take on C.R.A.D.L.E. and prove that the intent behind Kamala’s Law had been corrupted (assuming that it hadn’t been corrupt the whole time…).

You’d think that would be the end of it. That Kamala’s Law – the law that made being an underage hero illegal – would automatically get repealed. But nothing is ever that easy, especially not once it has hit this stage.

That’s where Champions #6 begins. Our heroes are trying to pick up the pieces broken by the events of Outlawed. And they’re struggling. What’s happening here isn’t just about the faith they lost in the system; it’s about what happened among the Champions. It’s about the trust that they’re struggling to get back, even on the most personal levels.

They sure do know how to make an entrance, don’t they?


Champions #6 is the start of a new plot arc, appropriately titled “Killer App!” Written by Danny Lore, there is a lot to unfold from this issue. The Champions may be back together, but that doesn’t magically erase everything that they just went through.

Thankfully, Lore seems to agree and made a point of showing readers the damage to group morale. But really, it’s more than moral, isn’t it? They had what appeared to be a traitor in the group, and that sort of thing doesn’t heal overnight.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s still the enemy to contend with—the real driving force behind Kamala’s Law. Any Marvel fan will appreciate the difficulty that comes with battling a certain iconic evil corporation. You know the one.

As far as social commentary is concerned, there’s plenty worth reading into here. There’s commentary on laws, injustice, battling corporations, and even about our obsession with social media and apps. It adds a whole new layer to the Champions story.

There’s lots going on in this fight, with new characters to learn about.


Champions #6 is a bright issue with lots going on inside the pages. Okay, neither of those facts are actually all that much of a surprise. The Champions have always been good at keeping busy (and into trouble), and it shows in their artwork.

Luciano Vecchio’s artwork is bold, portraying all of our favorite heroes in bright designs that stand out against the backdrop. The fight scenes are fast-paced, pack a real punch (or zap), and show the full scale of the situation (thanks, Ms. Marvel). Conversely, the new app and all the merch that goes along with it are painfully bubbly and bright. It has that flashy media look that we’re all far too used to.

Federico Blee’s colors help make those parts stand out, with color palettes that practically scream for attention. I’m pretty sure that if this company could create a paint that could literally scream, they would. So this is in keeping with their whole branding at the moment. The colors are borderline jarring. We know that an enemy is hidden here, but they’re trying so hard to hide in plain sight.

VC’s Clayton Cowles lettering is a treasure in this issue. It’s understated at times, and yet at other times, it can keep up with a vast amount of dialogue. Not to mention hint at dozens of little details, from tech to hits and everything in between.

Looks like this team may just be the perfect match for The Champions.


Champions #6 is an issue worth grabbing if you love villainous Marvel corporations. This is an issue that provides some winding down from the last major conflict while setting up for the next one. All while addressing the things that have been broken in the meantime. It makes for a worthwhile read.

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