Spider-Woman #11 is a fun return to many of the basic elements fans have come to love about her series. Though it is far from drama-free, as new villains and conflicts have already been introduced. Combined with brilliant artwork, it makes for a fun and memorable issue.

Going Back to Basics in SPIDER-WOMAN #11

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Marvel’s SPIDER-WOMAN #11, available now, is going back to basics. Making this a perfect jumping-in point for fans old and new. Jessica Drew is getting her life back together – she’s got her new (old) suit, her family, and now she’s fighting crime once again. It feels good. Even if it feels like she’s missing something…

And so the newest plot arc kicks off in Spider-Woman #11.

Spider-Woman #11 is about to bring Spider-Woman, aka Jessica Drew, back to basics. Last we saw, she had been going through quite a lot. She found some family she didn’t know existed, and that admittedly did not go as well as planned. Then she got poisoned, had to help battle Knull, and find a cure for herself, her son, and her niece (the aforementioned unknown family member).

Now that all the dust has settled from that, she’s back home and loving every minute of it. Though with everything she’s juggling (superhero life, social life, and a baby), it seems inevitable that eventually, she would miss something.

Looks like there’s a couple of new enemies introduced in Spider-Woman #11.


There is something so satisfying about seeing a hero go back to basics. It’s a feeling that rises in Spider-Woman #11, thanks to Karla Pacheco’s writing. Once again, Jessica Drew is back in her classic red, yellow, and black costume, and it is a sight for sore eyes.

Better yet, all of the costume changes she’s been through lately have been part of a plot point. So the change feels organic, even as she goes back to a classic. Thankfully, there’s also plenty of room for humor in this case, as Drew is not above commenting on everything that has happened.

It’s a light start to the issue, and it smooths out the introduction to this new plot. One that almost immediately begins telegraphic a certain message. The message? That Jessica Drew is missing something, and it’s right under her nose.

Once that scene has been set, it’s time for some fun and dramatic action! It’s what Spider-Woman does best, after all. With lots of quips and kicking, naturally. The new villains introduced raise some questions, but it’s going to be some time before the readers get to fully understand what is going on there.

Dramatic pose complete with the new (old) suit!


Spider-Woman #11 is fast-paced and busy in all the ways we can hope and expect from her series. She’s bouncing all over the scene while battling enemies one minute, and the next, she’s happily living her domestic life, which is admittedly reasonably chaotic on its own.

Pere Perez’s artwork is an excellent foundation for this issue. The action scenes work hard to steal the show. There’s such a sense of motion in those panels; it really makes you realize how quickly she moves through a fight. Not to mention how hard she hits.

The new enemies introduced are engaging on an aesthetic level, and I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what they will showcase in their next appearance (we all know that they’re coming back, right?).

Frank D’Armata’s lean towards the darker side more often than not, but it works for this story. A battle in the middle of the night should not be well-lit, after all. It adds a level of intensity while making the bright moments stand out more (such as when Drew is trying to have a normal life).

Finally, there’s the lettering, provided by VC’s Travis Lanham. You can tell that a bit of fun was had here, but that matches the overall tone of the issue. Lanham did a great job of showcasing the number (and severity) of the impacts in this issue.

If you wanted a dramatic fight, here it is!


Spider-Woman #11 was an entertaining start to the newest Spider-Woman arc. It’s introduced new enemies and conflicts while bringing back a fan favorite (hint: the suit). Is anyone willing to place bets on how long it’ll be before those enemies are back? Or before the rising drama comes to a head?

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