Spider-Woman #10 is a dramatic and expansive issue, one that resolves a major plot arc, while having a bit of fun with the character at the same time. The artwork is as bold and bright as ever – and totally up for the challenges thrown that way.

SPIDER-WOMAN #10: Who Says Violence Can’t Solve Everything?

Marvel’s SPIDER-WOMAN #10, available now, brings us back to a very desperate Jessica Drew. She’s more determined than ever to solve her current dilemma and get back home. Written by Karla Pacheco, with artwork from Pere Perez, Frank D’Armata, and VC’s Travis Lanham, this is the issue many fans have been waiting for.

Looks like we’re about to enter the monologue stage for Octavia.

From the very start, this whole series has been about Jessica Drew and her quest for a cure. Not just for herself, but for her son – and others. Along the way, she learned that her family was larger than she thought. Given her history with family, it’s safe to assume that they brought with them even more complications.

The temporary fix that Spider-Woman has found leaves her more unstable – and more dangerous – than ever, which brings us to Spider-Woman #10. She’s teamed up with an unlikely ally, and we all saw how wonderfully that went (please note the sarcasm).

Spider-Woman is not the sort of woman you want to make angry, just saying.

The Writing

Spider-Woman #10, written by Karla Pacheco, explains so much about what has happened in the last few issues. It’s also thrilling and satisfying, but for very different reasons. In many ways, this feels like the explosive revelation and conclusion that we’ve all been waiting for.

The way Pacheco explained what Octavia had been up to was clever, running readers through a backstory with none of that dryness that comes from too much exposition. The fact that it all kicked off in such a brutal fashion (see the last issue) doesn’t hurt.

Since this is Jessica Drew we’re talking about, there’s plenty of action to be found within these pages. They’re balanced by a moment of catharsis, as she’s given the opportunity to face the ugliness of her past—both from of her family and of her own making.

Wrapping up the issue are a few lighter moments, including a bit of humor and a lot of emotion. It’s safe to say that Pacheco made Spider-Woman run the emotional gambit here, as she had to go through so much these past ten issues. This is the wrap-up that her character, and the plot arc, deserved.

This is going to be one fight to remember!

The Art


Given everything that happens in Spider-Woman #10, there is quite a lot for the artistic team to keep up with here. Yet, they do so with style. One moment Spider-Woman looks like she’s about to rip off the heads of her enemies, the next moment, she’s reminding readers of her quirky and lovable side.

Pere Perez’s characters are absolutely a highlight of the issue, with Jessica’s expressions plain to see from one moment to the next. She’s an open book, even when she thinks she isn’t. It makes her fight scenes all the more dramatic – there’s no denying when she’s taken a hit. Or when she really wants to punch back.

The colors, provided by Frank D’Armata, help to further enhance the tension in this issue. There’s this sickly green that seems to creep up whenever Octavia is center-stage. It’s off-putting in all the best ways and makes for a notable contrast when it’s absent.

Naturally, VC’s Travis Lanham’s letters are on point, as always. Spider-Woman’s fight scenes wouldn’t be the same without that sense of impact. You can practically hear fist meeting flesh or the frustration in her voice at times.

The hits keep coming – literally.


Spider-Woman #10 wraps up Jessica Drew’s quest for a cure, and it does so in a satisfying fashion. It addresses all of the major plot points, and several of the minor ones. All while leaving the door open for her next adventure, which I know I will be looking forward to. Who can say no to more Spider-Woman?

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SPIDER-WOMAN #10: Who Says Violence Can't Solve Everything?Spider-Woman #10 is a dramatic and expansive issue, one that resolves a major plot arc, while having a bit of fun with the character at the same time. The artwork is as bold and bright as ever – and totally up for the challenges thrown that way.