10 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2017 And Why We’re Excited

2017 Will Be A Bold & Epic Year In Film. What Are The Most Hotly Anticipated Movies?

Let’s face it: movies in 2016 sucked! 2017 really needs to step it up and bring some big hits. With DC, Disney, Marvel, and tons of other companies releasing movies, this could be the perfect way to make up for one of the worst years in film history.

But out of all the projects announced, what movies are fans looking forward to most? Below is a collection of the most hyped and talked about pieces of 2017.



Honorable Mentions:

– ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
– ‘Kong: Skull Island
– ‘Baywatch
– ‘Fast 8
– ‘It

10. ‘Dunkirk’


– Little is known about the upcoming Christopher Nolan movie. It’s a World War 2 drama and will be centered around the ‘Dunkirk‘ evacuation. The film will also be shot on IMAX 65 mm film stock so you better believe this will have that wonderful Nolan scope. His films are spectacles, and you can expect this to be to.

9. ‘Power Rangers’


-It is almost unbelievable a niche 90’s TV show has this staying power. The ‘Power Rangers‘ recently blew up social media with trailers and posters. Their teasers are grabbing the attention of older fans and a newer generation. Still can’t believe that Bryan Cranston will play the Ranger’s leader Zordon.

8. ‘Beauty and the Beast’


-Disney doesn’t have much lined up next year other than a needless ‘Cars 3‘. But ‘Beauty and the Beast‘ starring Emma Watson could be a major hit. After a mediocre live-action Cinderella, I think this will succeed with a stronger cast and clearer focus. We’ve seen a sneak-peek of Beast, we just need to see him in action.

7. ‘Alien: Covenant’


-After vaguely returning to the Alien franchise with ‘Prometheus‘, 2017 is when Ridley Scott gives us what we’ve been craving. We get full on Xenomorphs! It’s sad that Neill Blomkamp’s Alien project was put on hold because of ‘Alien: Covenant‘ but Scott seems to have big plans for this insane world. Don’t let us down!

6. ‘Blade Runner 2049’


-If Harrison Ford wasn’t returning as Deckard, I believe there would be almost no hype for this. That’s not the case and ‘Blade Runner 2049‘ is one of the most anticipated 2017 movies. The sequel to Ridley Scott’s 1982 film is almost too late to work but with how amazing filmmaking can be, I believe this will be stunning.

5. ‘Justice League’


-In 2016, ‘Batman v Superman‘ didn’t connect. It was one of the most polarizing films of the year. Seems like ‘Justice League‘ is the first step in making up for their “mistakes”. Zack Snyder and brand overlord Geoff Johns have promised a more uplifting film and the first trailer really showcases a new side to the DCEU.

4. ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’


– The Marvel Cinematic Universe usually has a few major films a year. They have a collaboration with Sony and then this follow up to their surprise 2014 hit. ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2‘ will be upping the ante and showing more of the obscure team we all now love. Will we find out who Starlord’s dad is?

3. ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’


-‘Spider-Man: Homecoming‘ has a lot to live up to. After stealing scenes in ‘Captain America: Civil War‘, Spidey swings into his first solo project since the rather terrible ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2‘. The franchise has potential but never fully connects with viewers. I think Tom Holland and his Spider-Man will finally work!

2. Wonder Woman’


– With almost 3 million more views than the ‘Justice League‘ trailer on Youtube, somehow ‘Wonder Woman‘ has became the most hyped superhero film of 2017. Like Spider-Man in ‘Civil War‘, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman stole the show in ‘Batman V Superman‘. The first trailer makes her film look like an World War I epic.

1. ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’


– Almost by default, ‘Star Wars Episode 8‘ tops the list. After the massive comeback that was ‘The Force Awakens‘, fans are even more rabid than before. There is so many questions to be answered with a lot story to tell. The hopes & hype are at an all time high for the franchise and this is their moment.

Do you agree with my list?

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