Alleged Leaked ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ Details

Star Wars: Episode VIII is a little over a year away and there have been several leaks from filming. Some leaks have been debunked, and others sound somewhat realistic. Friday night a person claiming to be in a position that gives them access to plots details of Star Wars: Episode VIII  posted these details on 4-Chan.

Laura Dern’s character is named Asala Qurd. She is playing the leader of one of the Republic’s military cruisers who were not near the planet that Starkiller blew up. She was a part of the group of politicians and military leaders who believed that the First Order posed no threat, and there is a verbal confrontation between her and Leia in which Dern says ‘ The daughter of Darth Vader has no right to lecture me!’

Poe Dameron has more screen time and isn’t just in an X-wing like most of TFA.

Hayden Christensen shot a scene during the nighttime at Pinewood, in which he communicates with both Luke and Rey.

Kelly Tran is a really cool individual and is a really kind person who can’t act. I have no idea why they cast her in Star Wars. Her characters’ name is Shtala Zi, and is a Resistance contact on the planet that houses Benicio Del Toro, more on him later. She has a safe-house there and it is seen that Poe knows her from before. Shtala goes out with Finn and Poe on a reconnaissance mission, and just as Finn starts getting attached to her and flirting a bit, The First Order strikes and it is made to seem that she died as she disappears after a huge explosion.

Star Wars Episode VIII

Yoda also appears to Rey alone, but does speak to Luke without his actual ghost appearing.

Captain Phasma appears and a gunfight between her squadron and Finn and Poe occurs, with Poe being wounded as he is shot at his wrist. ( I’m not sure but I think they’re going to let his hand be blown off to continue the tradition of a hand being cut off in each episode. )

Luke explains to Rey the story of Kylo Ren, and how he destroyed everything Luke built after he was corrupted by Snoke. He also speaks of how Han and Ben Solo never really got along, as Ben saw Han as absent from his life. This absence allowed Snoke to really play with his mind.

Luke mentions Qui-Gon Jin when explaining the light side to Rey.

No Lando.

Star Wars Episode VIII

Del Toro is a former bounty hunter and was a leader in the Republic who was not present during the explosion which destroyed the capital. After seeing the devastation, he decides that maybe joining the First Order is his only option and has extremely classified information regarding the Resistance that he plans on giving them in return for immunity. Kylo Ren kills him after Del Toro snickers at Kylo. I have no idea what his name in the movie is.

Rey is extremely strong with the force but is erratic with it. She tends to tap into the dark side when sparring with Luke which makes him unwilling to train her. Luke has the company of a small animal furry thing on his island, which looks like a cross between a dog, an Ewok and a lizard.

Leia is wounded in an explosion which prompts Luke to action, Rey also feels a disturbance in the force. They leave on the Falcon to join the rest.

That’s all I really have. The second half of the third act of the movie is EXTREMELY under wraps. Literally maybe 8 people know what is going down. I asked someone who knows and she told me, “ You’ll wanna wait and see it in a crowded movie theatre.”


What do you think about these plot details? If Hayden Christensen is in the film it will be hard to keep that information under wraps, plus it will infuriate a certain group of Star Wars fans. Until we see the first trailer, it’s a guessing game.

‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ is due to be released on December 15, 2017.

Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
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