‘Alien: Covenant’ Celebrates Alien Day With “The Crossing” Prologue

In the run-up to the release of Alien: Covenant, Twentieth Century Fox has released a number of prologue scenes to set the mood for the film. Few, though, offer anything as startling as the newly released “The Crossing.” Released as part of Alien Day, it offers a glimpse into the time between Prometheus and Covenant. It also features a special appearance by Noomi Rapace as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw — the lone human survivor of the Prometheus expedition.

Shaw’s relationship with David (Micheal Fassbender) seems improved since the events of the first Alien prequel. In fact, there might be some genuine affection. But it remains to be seen if Shaw is still alive when the Covenant crew encounter the formerly homicidal android. It is also unclear if David will refrain from killing when he encounters a new band of humans. Beyond the possibility of David’s ongoing motives is the real question: what did the Engineers do when he arrived on their world?

Of course, questions are never easily answered in the Alien universe. And with director Ridley Scott promising two more sequels, we may only get the beginning of answers. Either way, Alien: Covenant comes to theaters on May 19th. In the meantime, what are your theories about David and the Engineers? Do you think Scott has a clear idea in mind for me them? Post your thoughts below.

Erik Amaya
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